Notice to area amateurs from Brian - VE3HQR

I have created a remote hf station at my QTH in Campbellford to see if there is enough interest by area licenced amateurs to support a full time club remote station. My thought is that there are many that have moved into apartments or housing where they do not have room for a station or cannot install antennas.
There are many of these club stations popping up around the world and it is great to see them being used especially by seniors.
Remotes are also being used by those on vacation or because of vocation have to be in hotels away from home. Also, remote stations are great for listening to your own audio and testing transmitted signals, etc.I have been experimenting with remotes for a few years now and realize that it could be of great benefit to others. I use my station many times from hotels, checked into Ontars from coffee shops and even church!
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Above is a picture of my remote station using an Icom 706 mkII, RigBlaster Pro and an old Pentium III with WindowsXP OS. I have my 80 - 40 m trap dipole ( inverted Vee ) up about 35 feet at the apex.

This is enough to get it up and running to test and I am allowing any licenced operator at this time to connect and tune the receiver. Hopefully, this will start some interest in the project.

If you would like to try it just goto and register as requested. Download the client program and install as instructed. Unfortunately, this is only working for windows operating systems that can use flash!
If there is shown to be enough interest to support this type of project, a modest club station could be setup and maybe provision for any OS, Apple, Android as well.

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